Welcome to our world of warmth and hospitality! Meet Simy and Humble, your hosts and guides to a haven of comfort nestled in Shelter Cove. With a shared passion for hospitality and an insatiable wanderlust, we have been opening our doors to guests for over a decade.

Our home is not just a place to stay; it's a reflection of the joy we find in hosting and the love we share as a family. Located in the tranquil Shelter Cove, we reside with our delightful twin boys, David and Charles. As seasoned hosts, we understand the importance of creating a welcoming environment, and our commitment to your comfort is unwavering.

Beyond the comfort of our home, we are enthusiasts of the simple joys in life. Little Black Sands beach holds a special place in our hearts, where the rhythm of the waves and the soft sand beneath our feet bring serenity. We believe in the magic of shared meals, and dinner with friends is a cherished tradition in our household.

Our love for travel has taken us to incredible places, and we bring those experiences into our home to share with you. Whether it's the mesmerizing sight of whales gracefully gliding through the ocean, the enchanting beauty of a star-studded sky during stargazing nights, or the thrill of spotting comets streaking across the heavens, we find joy in every moment.

Back home, one of our favorite spots is by the Hot Tub, where we unwind, reflect, and connect with each other. It's a space where stories are shared, laughter echoes, and memories are made.

Join us in Shelter Cove, where hospitality meets passion, and every guest becomes a part of our extended family. Let's make your stay not just a visit, but a collection of moments that linger in your heart. Welcome to our home, where simplicity meets serenity, and every detail is crafted with love.