Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) from Shelter Cove, CA

The pink and purple hue with some green on the bottom, creating a dazzling colorful display in the night sky above Shelter Cove. The light kept moving to make it appear as these lights were dancing! This was caused by a solar flare and for the first time in decades, you could see it in Northern California.

I have witnessed Aurora Borealis near Fairbanks in Alaska in the fall. It was right above your head due to the northern location. But the One seen from Shelter Cove appeared towards the Northern sky away from you. Shelter Cove was the perfect location due to the lack of light pollution. Also the show was right above the King Range mountains in the north making a beautiful reflection on the Pacific Ocean. The weather co-operated as well. It was one of the clearest night skies of the season. Stars were clearly visible and bright. With its clear skies, and lack of light pollution Shelter Cove is great for watching night skies for celestial events, Comets, Shooting stars, Milkyway and now Aurora Borealis!

This rare occurrence happened on Friday, May 10th, 2024 around 10:30pm. Sunset was at 8:23 pm that day, hence it was not completely dark until 10;30pm. First a faint purple hie appeared on the northern horizon. Its started to gain intensity as moon set was getting closer. Then from 11:30pm-12:30am was the peak show. Moon set was at 11:58pm. One people wait for a life time to witness this. In Shelter Cove, we just got lucky to watch this from our own back yard! I am sure there are some people who checked that off their bucket list and saved a trip to Alaska or Iceland!